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If you would like to be able to SUCCESSFULLY handicap and MAKE MONEY ON the thoroughbreds week in and week out, you owe it to yourself to read my new book called "Calibration Handicapping."

Over 2500 of copies have been sold since August 1999 and many excited buyers have written me emails detailing their success.

Sidebar: no matter how many copies I sell, the odds are not reduced on the horses this book points out. This is amazing proof that the general public overlooks and will always overlook the obvious value plays that "Calibration Handicapping" specializes in uncovering.

"Calibration Handicapping" is not a "system" or a "method." It is a book that describes how to properly handicap horse races, in a step-by-step manner with the entire process calibrated in an easy-to-understand format so that everyone who reads it will come up with the same horses.

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I won't repeat the whole text here, but I will tell you in a nutshell what you will find if you decide to read "Calibration Handicapping", which contains 138 pages packed with handicapping techniques, most of which you have not seen anywhere else, and it includes 9 sample races with Daily Racing Form Past Performances and Results Charts.

Although there are numerous reasons why horses win races, I focus on the big 3:

Pace Shape and the running style(s) that have the advantage in any match up.

Moves-Within-A-Race: 5 different moves that a horse can make that signal a strong next-out performance.

Internal Fractions Comparison: when you spot a significant advantage in internal fractions comparison, you have a horse with a strong chance to win the race. The most potent candidate to win a race is one with this advantage who also possesses one or both of the first 2 factors, the running style advantage, and a move-within-a-race.

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