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Online Casino Bonuses

All You Need to Know About Casino Bonuses

Online casinos offer the best way to attract new players - bonuses. You can find casino bonuses in many forms, and they are absolutely the best way to get started at legal online casinos. First of all, let's clear the air for you. Casino bonuses are basically rewards given out by online casinos, and they serve different purposes - but most of all, their ultimate goal is to make online gambling more fun and exciting for the players. Another thing you should know about online casino bonuses is that they come in different forms - thus, the different purposes. Also, they differ in terms of when the players are getting them - some you receive at the very beginning, and for some, you have to put in some effort.

What Are Wagering Requirements, and How to Clear Them?

Even though casinos give out rewards, they are businesses and they have the main purpose of making a profit - that is why they have the bonuses in the first place, to attract new players. Also, this is why you cannot simply cash out the bonus you get after making a deposit or signing up. And vice versa, it isn't reasonable to give players something with the purpose of taking it back - so, the casinos have wagering requirements. Basically, wagering requirements are kind of a threshold of gambling that you have to pass in order to withdraw the bonuses given by casinos. Basically, they are a multiple of the deposit plus bonus that you must wager in order to withdraw the money. Often, it is a 30x wagering requirement. So, if you bet $100, and get a 250% reward, you'll have 350 in your account. So, to withdraw the money, you need to bet 30 x $350 to cash out. Although it seems impossible, the real situation is quite different - you need to wager, and you don't need to lose as much. By playing safe bets and playing games you are good at, you'll fulfill the wagering requirements in no time.

No Deposit

The no deposit reward is practically the best one that online casinos offer. Basically, it is free money given to new players allowing them to play casino games and bet for free. Players can choose from the most popular slots games or play some cool blackjack games and roulette games. In fact, the best thing about the no deposit bonus is that players get to win real money prizes without even making a deposit.

Welcome Bonus

The welcome is another really popular reward that online casinos offer. This one is given to players after they make their first deposit. In many cases, the best casinos can multiply or triple the initial deposit that players make - thus, giving them more money to play with.


Unlike new players who benefit from the no deposit and welcome rewards, the regular and loyal players to casinos benefit from reload bonuses. These reload or monthly rewards are great ones given to players who basically re-load their accounts with money. The more money players deposit - the more they reload rewards they get.  

How do Free Spins Differ from Free Play?

Usually, free spins are given to players who first sign-up to online casino websites, as a form of the no deposit. With free spins, players are required to meet specific wagering requirements. These free spins allow you to play casino games for free and try them out. Winnings from free spins are added to the account balance, and players must meet wagering terms to withdraw these winnings. On the other hand, free play is different because the online casino gives players a set amount of time to play casino games. If they win anything above the initial free play balance, it is considered winnings. However, in order to withdraw the winnings, you need to make a deposit.  

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