Unsolicited Testimonials

  Hi Jim, Your service is excellent; I received the book on Monday. I found the way your book was presented and all the new material makes this book outstanding. I have not written to a handicapping author since the early seventies when I wrote to Ray Taulbot, author of Positive Factor Handicapping, a method I still use in a modified way. And from then until now, I must have purchased a hundred books, systems, methods, computer programs, audio and vidio tapes, and none have impressed me as much as "Calibration Handicapping."


Sheldon W

For years I have tried to handicap by use of Pace, but have never really grasped the concept. But when I read Jim Lehane's "Calibration Handicapping", it opened a new approach how to analyze pace. And the manner in which he identifies the Speed and "moves within a race" has added to my handicapping skill.

Thanks, Jim.

Hans Feig

Dear Jim,

I am 61 years old and I have been playing the horses since I was a teenager. All my life I have been searching for a system. I have spent thousands in doing so. I want to tell you that "Calibration Handicapping" is the first methodology that really works. I will never bother paying good money for any other system. My days of searching for a good sound handicapping approach are over.


Richard Nadolny


Thursday I received your book. I used it Sunday at Philadelphia Park and as you might imagine it already paid for itself 5 times over! If I followed your betting pattern in the book it could have been much more. But I was skeptical combined with being conservative. You can be sure both are gone now. At the track it was so simple to throw out horses. I narrowed it down to three horses, boxed them and hit on 4 of 6 exactas for nice payouts well over your 24 dollar limit.

As you can see I am rambling but I am excited as hell, so I will just thank you and go to work already.

Richard F.

Jim, I would say you know what you're talking about. I have been playing the horses for forty years and have been keeping records for the last five years and show a steady profit every year. I played your horse, Gold For My Gal. You give excellent advice and I really enjoy your work. Thank you.

Fred C.

Jim I'm impressed, been playing the ponies for about 39 years. Bud

Here's an article that was printed in the December issue of Phillips Newsletter:

In keeping with the ongoing discussion of the policies of sellers of handicapping systems, books and computer programs, I came across a site and an email free picks newsletter that is like a breath of fresh air. The newsletter is free as of now and is issued every weekend. The picks and handicapping information are excellent. The address for the newsletter is subscribe@horseracinghandicapper.com.

The website, features the author's latest book "Calibration Handicapping" by Jim Lehane, the BEST book I have read in years. I ordered the book on Friday and received it on Monday. The most refreshing part is his money-back guarantee. No song and dance, no restocking fees, no off-the-wall charges for shipping and handling. RPM is getting six bucks just for shipping. There is no requirement to show workouts, so you do not have to send a ton of paper and results charts.

Hello Jim,

I was impressed with how quickly I received your book after ordering it. All I can say about Calibration Handicapping is WOW! I found out I didn't know too much about handicapping the horses, at least not the right way. Through your book I now can find the value plays you talk about and read between the lines. I used to see longshot payoffs and wonder how those horses could possibly have won. Now I know. And to prove your theories are on the money, you give out longhot winner after longhot winner in your free newsletter. Thanks so much, and keep up the good work.

Joe P.